Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for a Beautiful Smile

The New Year is a time for positive change – and Mack Orthodontics wants to make sure your smile is one of them! We know too well how your oral health can easily slip through the cracks during the holidays, and we want to ensure that you bounce back with a brand-new attitude for a beautiful smile. Here are the top eight new year’s resolutions for a vibrant smile, courtesy of Dr. Mack and his team:

1. Commit to brushing your teeth 2-3 times daily for two minutes.

As an orthodontic patient, taking care of oral health is a great way to speed up your treatment time and ensure the best results. If you are just considering starting treatment with Dr. Mack in the New Year, getting your habits in place ahead of time will make navigating your treatment that much easier.

2. Floss at least once a day.

Flossing is essential to keeping your teeth clean, healthy, and free of plaque buildup. It only takes a few minutes to incorporate this into your daily routine. Mack Orthodontics will equip you with the proper tools to make this a breeze!

3. Consider a teeth whitening procedure or product.

A simple but effective way to brighten your smile for the New Year? Teeth whitening! Our office offers a professional-grade teeth whitening system. Alternatively, you can consider some of the over-the-counter products that Dr. Mack recommends.

4. Eat healthy foods that are good for your teeth and avoid sugary snacks when possible.

It can be challenging to get back to a wholesome diet after all the holiday treats, but your smile will thank you! Switching out the sugary snacks for whole foods such as fruits or veggies is a great way to show your teeth some love and prevent cavities or decay.

5. Visit your dentist for professional cleaning and check-ups every six months.

Keeping up with regular dental check-ups is essential for any healthy smile. So schedule a cleaning every six months as part of your annual oral keep-up—this also helps your dentist spot and treat minor issues early on!

6. Wear your retainers and aligners as prescribed.

Whether you recently completed treatment or are just embarking on your journey, your appliances are essential for a successful treatment. At Mack Orthodontics, we want to ensure you wear them as prescribed through the holidays and into 2023. Dr. Mack will ensure your retainers and aligners are correctly adjusted to help you progress.

7. Wear a mouthguard if you play contact sports.

Mack Orthodontics is a huge advocate for mouthguard protection, especially if you play contact sports or activities like snowboarding and skateboarding. However, even if you’re not playing sports, we recommend wearing a mouthguard at night to protect your teeth from any potential grinding or clenching.

8. Have fun with it! 

It’s the New Year, and we want you to have fun while taking care of your teeth! Try out new oral hygiene products, such as an electric toothbrush, Waterpik, or a tongue scraper.

Top 8 New Year’s Resolutions for a Beautiful Smile

Make 2023 the year you brighten your smile.

At Mack Orthodontics, we’re here to help you make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Meet with Dr. Mack and our team of experienced orthodontic specialists today to get started on the journey toward achieving your healthy smile goals! Call our office or visit our website to book your free consultation today.