How Do Braces Work?

Starting your braces journey is an exciting experience! Braces can achieve stunning results in a short amount of time and provide a lifetime of improved health and aesthetics. Mack Orthodontics is committed to providing the best care in town so you can achieve the smile you deserve. To help make things easier, our team has provided you with a simple guide explaining what braces are, the many different versions our office offers, how braces work, and so forth!

The Fundamentals of Braces

A staple in orthodontic treatment, braces are an appliance that assists with aligning your teeth and jaw to the perfect position. They provide functional and aesthetic advantages, including improving your oral health, an enhanced sleeping experience, and a greater sense of confidence! While many associate getting braces with teenage years, this treatment is also widely available to adults who can receive equally effective results.

Addressed Dental Issues

Able to treat many complex orthodontic issues, braces are your solution for fixing crowded or gapped teeth, malocclusion, bite complications, jaw pain, and many more. Dr. Mack can accommodate your needs through a unique treatment plan in which your smile goals will be met. No issue is too complex to be treated with braces, and we aim to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Types of Braces Treatment 

Metal Braces

Standing the test of time, metal braces continue to be a popular option among orthodontic patients due to their reliability, efficient results, and affordability. Thanks to advancing technology, they are smaller and more comfortable than ever. Our high-quality stainless steel can withstand everyday wear and tear, so you don’t have to worry about it falling out of place or breaking on you. The average treatment time for metal braces ranges between one to three years, depending on the severity of your case.

InBrace Hidden Braces

Instead of being placed in the front like metal braces, InBrace Hidden braces offer an aesthetic option where they are placed on the back of your teeth to provide effective treatment with a discreet look. Also referred to as lingual braces, this treatment is custom-made with the help of digital impressions and can comfortably lay on your teeth while applying the gentle pressure used to realign your teeth. Your treatment time depends on how complex your case is, but you can expect to wear them between 12 to 18 months for mild to moderate alterations. 

LightForce Clear Braces

A nearly invisible appliance, LightForce clear braces offer another aesthetic alternative many older teens and adults opt for. The brackets match the color of your teeth, so you get the effectiveness of metal braces while having them blend in with your appearance. They can blend in with your smile so you can wear them with no change to your confidence. 

Thanks to their stain-resistant technology, you can drink your morning coffee or tea without worries! When dealing with mild alignment changes for quick treatment times, clear braces can be worn for up to three years. 

The Building Blocks of Braces

Braces are able to work so effectively thanks to each component that makes up the appliance. Let’s cover the pieces that braces consist of and some of the equipment Mack Orthodontics uses to help them provide your high-quality care!


Used to complete the bulk of alignment work, the archwire is strung through each bracket on your teeth to apply gentle pressure across your mouth. It may be adjusted during appointments to ensure your teeth are pushed in the correct direction.


Brackets are secured to your teeth using a special orthodontic glue. While it is a solid material to keep your appliance in place throughout treatment, this adhesive is designed to be removed so your braces can easily come off when needed with the right tools.


The small components glued to the front of your teeth, brackets act as an anchor to the many other braces pieces and help to control the applied pressure. 


Should a section of your teeth need an extra push in the right direction, rubber bands are a great tool to help guide them along. Coming in various sizes and strengths to fit each case, they are designed to attach to the brackets’ hooks to place ample pressure on your jaw.

Imaging Technology

iTero Element Scanner and X-Rays

Both imaging tools are used to help our team determine the placement of your braces. The iTero Element scanner and traditional x-rays provide a detailed look at your teeth, gums, and bone structure. They help us track your alignment and determine where to improve during treatment.

Understanding The Realignment Process

Once Dr. Mack has determined the best treatment plan for your case, he and our team will work out the most efficient placement of the braces so they move in the right direction. No matter the kind of braces you ultimately get, they each work by placing constant, slight pressure on your teeth and jaw controlled by the brackets, archwire, and elastics. 

As we track your progress, Dr. Mack will make minor adjustments to ensure the right amount of pressure is being placed in the correct area. Over time, it slowly restructures your teeth’ position and jaw bones. By the end of treatment, you can expect a straighter smile and simpler oral care, resulting in improved general health and a boost in confidence! 

Unlock the Power Behind Braces

Nothing brings our team more satisfaction than when our patients walk out of our office with a huge grin at the end of treatment. We work to help everyone with high-quality care and a thoughtful team, so your braces experience is one you’ll never forget! To schedule your free consultation, contact our Hillsborough office or Burlington office to speak with one of our friendly staff today!